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Jay Public Schools
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Jay, Oklahoma 74346
Phone: 918-253-4293
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    Image:Name:Contact:Campus Name:Website:
    Kellea , Kellea
    3rd Grade Teacher
    khampton@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Jennifer  Andrews Andrews, Jennifer
    Pre K Teacher
    jandrews@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Shayla  Barnes Barnes, Shayla
    Kindergarten Teacher
    shaylabarnes@jayps.orgJay Elementary View Website
    Sherry Barnhart Barnhart, Sherry
    Para Professional
    Jay Upper Elementary
    Sheila Beaver Beaver, Sheila
    1st Grade Teacher
    sbeaver@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Barbara Beck Beck, Barbara
    Para Professional
    Jay Upper Elementary
    Deborah  Belford
    Belford, Deborah
    English Teacher
    dbelford@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Tracy Bowzer Bowzer, Tracy
    4th Grade Teacher
    tbowzer@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
    Cheryl Bridges Bridges, Cheryl
    3rd Grade Teacher
    cbridges@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Sheila  Brixey Brixey, Sheila
    Elementary Music Teacher
    sbrixey@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Erin Bryant Bryant, Erin
    ebryant@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
    James Bryant
    Bryant, James
    jbryant@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    James Bryant Bryant, James
    High School Principal
    jbryant@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools
    Beth Buchanan
    Buchanan, Beth
    Math Teacher
    bbuchanan@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Lisa  Budder Budder, Lisa
    Jay Upper Elementary
    Mandy Callihan Callihan, Mandy
    2nd Grade Teacher
    mcallihan@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Stephanie Catlett Catlett, Stephanie
    scatlett@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Cindi  Collins Collins, Cindi
    Science Teacher
    ccollins@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
    Kelly Collins Collins, Kelly
    kellycollins@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
    Tammy  Cornell Cornell, Tammy
    Pre K Teacher
    tcornell@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Anita Craig Craig, Anita
    acraig@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Doc Cunningham
    Cunningham, Doc
    Ag Ed
    Jay High School
    Jennifer Daftari Daftari, Jennifer
    5th Grade Teacher
    jdaftari@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
    Sherri Daugherty Daugherty, Sherri
    Principal Office Secretary
    sdaugherty@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary
    Sherri Daugherty Daugherty, Sherri
    Office Secretary
    sdaugherty@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary
    Peggy Dean
    Dean, Peggy
    pdean@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Brittni Dozier
    Dozier, Brittni
    Math Teacher
    bdozier@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Dawn  Dunham Dunham, Dawn
    ddunham@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
    Vann Dunham
    Dunham, Vann
    Science Teacher
    vdunham@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Jaimy Eberle Eberle, Jaimy
    2nd Grade Teacher
    jeberle@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Kayla Engen Engen, Kayla
    Jay Middle School
    Jan Fasano Fasano, Jan
    jfasano@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Jan Fasano Fasano, Jan
    Elementary Principal
    jfasano@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools
    Heather Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbon, Heather
    Special Education Resource Teacher
    hfitzgibbon@jay.ok.k12.usJay Elementary View Website
    Jerolyn Forman Forman, Jerolyn
    Jay Upper Elementary
    Stephanie Galbraith Galbraith, Stephanie
    stephaniegalbraith@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
    Fran  Gardner Gardner, Fran
    Special Education Teacher
    fgardner@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
    Daysha Gibe Gibe, Daysha
    dgibe@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Sheila Gibe Gibe, Sheila
    Special Education Director/Dean
    sgibe@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
    Sheila Gibe Gibe, Sheila
    Middle School Dean of Students/District Special Education Director
    sgibe@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools
    Sheila Gooding Gooding, Sheila
    Special Education Teacher
    sgooding@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
    Sheila  Guinn Guinn, Sheila
    Computer Keyboarding & Literacy Instructor
    sheilaguinn@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
    Teresa Guinn Guinn, Teresa
    5th Grade Teacher
    tguinn@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
    Cassie Hampton Hampton, Cassie
    JHS Counselor
    champton@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
    Jennifer Hampton Hampton, Jennifer
    2nd Grade Teacher
    jhampton@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
    Lynn Hendren
    Hendren, Lynn
    lynnhendren@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
    Arlis Henegar Henegar, Arlis
    Jay Middle School
    Arlis Henegar Henegar, Arlis
    ahenegar@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
    Arlis  Henegar Henegar, Arlis
    Middle School Principal
    mmccullough@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools
    Rebecca Hern Hern, Rebecca
    Pre K Teacher
    rhern@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
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