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Title IX Policy







                           Adopted: August 8, 2013




Congress enacted Title IX of the Education Amendments in 1972.  This Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity when the district is a recipient of federal financial assistance, regardless of whether federal funds are received in connection with athletics.  The district is committed to the prevention and avoidance of gender discrimination in connection with school sponsored extracurricular activities, including school sponsored sports. To ensure compliance by the district’s athletic program with the mandates of Title IX the board requires:


Annual notification to all staff members regarding the district’s  commitment to non-discrimination in all of its programs and activities, including school sponsored sports;


Publication of the grievance procedure applicable to complaints of discrimination in the student handbook and on the school’s website with identification of the district’s Title IX Coordinator, to enable parents or students to notify the board and administration of any instances of perceived discrimination in the district’s programs or activities, including sports;


The conduct of a student interest survey no less than every three (3) years to ensure that the sports offered by the district are responsive to student interest;


Annual review of the district’s sports-related facilities to ensure that the district does not discriminate on the basis of gender in the planning, construction or assignment of facilities for practice or competition;


Annual training of all administrative and athletic staff  (and other staff as appropriate) regarding their respective responsibilities for providing programs free of discrimination and reporting perceived discrimination;


Overseeing expenditures for school sponsored sports to ensure that monies spent neither discriminate nor perpetuate past discrimination with respect to coaches salaries, equipment, supplies, facilities or in other areas in which expenditures are made; and,


Non-discriminatory treatment of athletes in all areas of participation in the district’s sports program including, but not limited to:  travel, uniforms, use of facilities, scheduling of games, equipment, supplies, spirit support, and coaching assignments.