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Audra  Tate
Tate , Audra
Math Teacher
atate@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
Melinda  Teague
Teague, Melinda
melindateague@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Aaron Thomas
Thomas, Aaron
Band Teacher
athomas@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Emily Thompson
Thompson, Emily
6-8th Art & Journalism
emilythompson@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Taylor Thorpe Thorpe, Taylor
3rd Grade Teacher
tthorpe@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Ashlea Trout Trout, Ashlea
7th & 8th Reading Teacher
Jay Middle School
Jesica Trujillo Trujillo, Jesica
1st Grade Teacher
jtrujillo@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Leah Tyner
Tyner, Leah
6th Grade SS & 7th Grade Western & Eastern Geography Teacher
leahtyner@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Whitney Walker
Walker, Whitney
Business Tech & Leadership Instructor
whitneywalker@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
Samie Watson
Watson, Samie
Math Teacher
samiewatson@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Lisa  Weems Weems, Lisa
3rd grade Teacher
lweems@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Leroy  White White, Leroy
Jay Upper Elementary
Lisa Williams
Williams, Lisa
lwilliams@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Trisha Williamson Williamson, Trisha
Principal Secretary
twilliamson@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary
Trisha Williamson Williamson, Trisha
Principal Secretary
twilliamson@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary
Butch Willis
Willis, Butch
Drivers Ed Teacher
jwillis@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Izack Wilson
Wilson, Izack
izackwilson@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
Izack Wilson Wilson, Izack
Jay High School
Teri Wilson
Wilson, Teri
teriwilliams@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Debbie Wolf Wolf, Debbie
Encumbrance Clerk
dwolf@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools View Website
Dianna  Woods
Woods, Dianna
History Teacher
dwoods@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Lyndall Woods
Woods, Lyndall
Alternative Education Teacher
lwoods@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Ashley Worley Worley, Ashley
2nd Grade Teacher
aworley@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Christina Wright Wright, Christina
christinawright@jayps.orgJay Middle School
Cassie Youngblood Youngblood, Cassie
Asst Principal
cyoungblood@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Cassie Youngblood Youngblood, Cassie
Elementary Assistant Principal
mtye@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools
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