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Lisa Lamp
Lamp, Lisa
4th Grade Teacher
llamp@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
Shawna Lenhart Lenhart, Shawna
slenhart@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Brandon Lierle
Lierle, Brandon
brandonlierle@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
Tracy Maddux Maddux, Tracy
2nd Grade Teacher
tmaddux@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Lennie Martin Martin, Lennie
P.E. Teacher
lemartin@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Sherri Masters Masters, Sherri
Special Education Teacher
smasters@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Kyle  Mather
Mather , Kyle
Special Education Teacher
kmather@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Susan Matthews Matthews, Susan
6th Grade Science
susanmatthews@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Laura McCrary McCrary, Laura
6th Grade Math
lauramccrary@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Cindy McGhee
McGhee, Cindy
5th Grade Teacher
cgraybill@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
Tammy Melton
Melton, Tammy
Reading Teacher
tmelton@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Cara Mendoza Mendoza, Cara
Kindergarten Teacher
cmendoza@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Sara Mizell Mizell, Sara
4th Grade Teacher
smizell@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary
Mike Moore
Moore, Mike
Driver's Ed/Varsity Baseball
coachmikemoore4@gmail.comJay High School View Website
Patrick Moore Moore, Patrick
3rd Grade Teacher
pmoore@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Jesi Morrison
Morrison, Jesi
7th & 8th Grade LA
jmorrison@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Natasha Murray Murray, Natasha
nmurray@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Jace Newby
Newby, Jace
jacenewby@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
Lila  Nichols Nichols, Lila
3rd Grade Teacher
lnichols@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Jeff Orr
Orr, Jeff
jefforr@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
Miguel Ortiz Ortiz, Miguel
Jay Middle School
Miguel Ortiz
Ortiz, Miguel
mortiz@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Brenda  Pavatt Pavatt, Brenda
First Grade Teacher
bpavatt@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Adam Pharr
Pharr, Adam
History Teacher
apharr@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Marcie Postoak
Postoak, Marcie
5th Grade Reading; UE Stuco Sponsor; PLC Chair
marciephillips@jayps.orgJay Upper Elementary View Website
Sandra  Price Price, Sandra
English Teacher
sprice@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
Jeana  Ramsey Ramsey, Jeana
JES Counselor
jramsey@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Paula  Reece Reece, Paula
Pre K Teacher
preece@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Lynda Rice
Rice, Lynda
English Teacher
lrice@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Stacy Ritter Ritter, Stacy
1st Grade Teacher
sritter@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Misty Robertson Robertson, Misty
2nd Grade Teacher
mrobertson@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Samantha RobertsonEike
RobertsonEike, Samantha
samrobertson-eike@jayps.orgJay High School View Website
Terry  Rogers
Rogers, Terry
Special Education Teacher
trogers@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
Tonya Rudick
Rudick, Tonya
trudick@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Megan Russell Russell, Megan
1st Grade Teacher
mrussell@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Dana  Scott
Scott, Dana
History Teacher
Jay Middle School View Website
Larry Shackelford Shackelford, Larry
Jay Public Schools
Brandon Siegrist
Siegrist, Brandon
7th & 8th Technology Education and Robotics
brandonsiegrist@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Tiffany Silkey
Silkey, Tiffany
English Teacher
tsilkey@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Chasidi Simpson Simpson, Chasidi
Jay Upper Elementary
Cameron Smith Smith, Cameron
cameronsmith@jayps.orgJay Upper Elementary View Website
Ashley Smoke Smoke, Ashley
KDG Teacher
asmoke@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Stephanie Spence Spence, Stephanie
7th Grade Geography and Pre-AP
stephaniespence@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
John Spencer
Spencer, John
English Teacher
jospence@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Jeff Stapleton
Stapleton, Jeff
Coach, AD, Cust. Dir.
jeffstapleton@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Stacey Stapleton
Stapleton, Stacey
Science Teacher/ Dept. Head
sstapleton@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Bonita Stenzel Stenzel, Bonita
Special Education Teacher
bstenzel@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Brenda Stewart Stewart, Brenda
Special Services Director
bstewart@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools View Website
Jamie Stewart
Stewart, Jamie
JUES Technology, ELL Teacher
jstewart@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
Kayse Stidham Stidham, Kayse
Kindergarten Teacher
kstidham@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Lori Stirman Stirman, Lori
6th Grade LA
loristirman@jayps.orgJay Middle School View Website
Marvin Stockton
Stockton, Marvin
mstockto@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
Marvin Stockton Stockton, Marvin
mstockto@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary
Marvin Stockton Stockton, Marvin
Upper Elementary Principal
mstockto@jay.k12.ok.usJay Public Schools
Michelle Stockton Stockton, Michelle
Kindergarten Teacher
mstockton@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
Sheila Sturges
Sturges, Sheila
ssturges@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Sheila Sturges
Sturges, Sheila
ssturges@jay.k12.ok.usJay Middle School View Website
Misty Sweeney
Sweeney, Misty
5th Grade Language Arts Teacher
msweeney@jay.k12.ok.usJay Upper Elementary View Website
Terry Sweeney
Sweeney, Terry
Drivers Ed Teacher
tsweeney@jay.k12.ok.usJay High School View Website
Tina Tanner Tanner, Tina
Technology and Enrichment Teacher
ttanner@jay.k12.ok.usJay Elementary View Website
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